Feeding Accessory

πŸš€ Introduction
Introducing a groundbreaking feeding accessory - a pioneering product that embodies the innovative design from its inception.

πŸ” The Challenge

  • Rapidly capture market share with this unique design before imitations emerge.

  • Navigate the complexities of paid social ad platforms with limited knowledge.

  • Drive quality, profitable traffic to the eCommerce site at scale.

  • Harmonize branding and messaging across diverse channels.

  • Implement account structures for optimal testing.

  • Venture into global markets.

πŸ›  The Solution
Partnering with Social Slingshot to:

  • Implement gold-standard account structures.

  • Harness data-driven strategies for compelling creatives.

  • Continuously elevate ad spend and creative outcomes.

  • Incorporate User-Generated Content (UGC).

  • Offer insights for website optimization.

  • Strategize campaigns for pivotal events like Easter, Mother's Day and BFCM.

  • Enter international markets

πŸ“ˆ Results Over 14 Months

  • 12,300 Total Ad Orders

  • $450,822 Total Spend

  • $36.65 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 198% Return On Ad Spend

🌟 Testimonial
β€œThey're supporting us with global Facebook marketing campaigns and have been super easy to work with, very responsive, always keeping us updated on the latest trends and tricks.”



πŸš€ Introduction
Committed to crafting top-tier garments designed to be cherished across generations, they prioritize ethical production and transparent supply chains. But such a story deserves a wider audience.

πŸ” The Problem
While their designs are unique, their marketing approach lagged:

  • Still stuck boosting social posts

  • Absence of structured ad accounts.

  • Marketing objectives? More like shooting in the dark.

  • No defined budgets or growth targets.

πŸ›  The Solution
Determined to revolutionize not just fashion but also their digital presence, they sought expertise:

  • Rolled out best practice account structures, aligning with clear marketing objectives.

  • Tweaked the website for peak conversion rates.

  • Introduced robust creative testing, ensuring ads scaled effectively.

  • Embraced an omni-channel strategy, spanning both social and search platforms.

πŸ“ˆ Results In 90 Days

  • 1176 Total Ad Orders

  • $32,320 Total Spend

  • $27.48 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 400% Return On Ad Spend

🌟 Testimonial
β€œWe are so glad they have followed up on their promises with great results through our digital marketing strategy.”


Pet Accessory

πŸš€ Introduction
This product is a must-have for any pet owner. Catering to both large-scale pet enthusiasts and individual households, this family-run business is poised to not only dominate the local market but also make waves internationally.

πŸ” The Problem

  • Had never ventured into the realm of social ads.

  • Lacked expertise in graphic design and video editing.

  • No inclination to delve into the intricacies of social ad platforms.

  • A need to establish an omnichannel strategy to amplify brand visibility and drive sales.

πŸ›  The Solution

  • Repurposed existing assets to craft high-quality creatives.

  • Rolled out best-practice account structures for efficient ad management.

  • Fine-tuned and scaled ad spend based on profitability metrics.

  • Ventured into international markets with targeted campaigns.

  • Prioritized transparent reporting and maintained open, honest communication.

πŸ“ˆ Results Over 1 Year

  • 5,502 Total Ad Orders

  • $121,729 Total Spend

  • $22.12 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 610% Return On Ad Spend

🌟 Testimonial
β€œHonestly, just keep doing what you're doing. The combination of Facebook and Google is spot on.”



πŸš€ Introduction
This award-winning playmat brand had the potential, running profitable ads even without a clear strategy. While they had the foundation to scale, they lacked the expertise to truly take off. That's where our expertise came into play.

πŸ” The Problem

  • Navigating the ad account felt like deciphering a foreign language.

  • Hesitation to increase ad spend due to uncertainties.

  • The website's conversion rate left much to be desired.

  • Relied on the "she'll be right" approach for their ad strategy, leaving much to chance.

πŸ›  The Solution

  • Implemented best-practice account structures to streamline ad management.

  • Offered clear, transparent reporting to demystify performance metrics.

  • Prioritized high-quality communication, ensuring responsiveness to client needs.

  • Established clear marketing budgets and KPIs to guide the scaling process.

  • Enhanced ad creatives with graphic design and video editing expertise.

  • Incorporated User-Generated Content (UGC) to boost authenticity and engagement.

πŸ“ˆ Results Over 9 Months

  • 2650 Total Ad Orders

  • $65,686 Total Spend

  • $24.79 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 670% Return On Ad Spend

🌟 Testimonial
β€œWe really appreciate the effort the team go to, to keep us updated and in the loop especially when we are quite time-poor.”


Sports Equitement

πŸš€ Introduction
In the dynamic world of sports, having the right equipment is crucial. Our client, a leading sports equipment brand, was ready to make a move. With top-notch products in their arsenal, they needed an equally powerful marketing strategy.

πŸ” The Problem

  • Limited visibility in a saturated market

  • Challenges in reaching their target audience effectively

  • Struggles with optimizing ad spend for maximum returns

  • Turning views/followers into sales

πŸ›  The Solution

  • Deployed targeted ad campaigns to reach ready-to-buy audiences

  • Utilised data-driven insights to refine ad targeting and maximise ROI

  • Introduced dynamic creatives to resonate with the audience

  • Optimized ad spend to ensure profitability while scaling

πŸ“ˆ Results

  • 666 Total Ad Orders

  • $15,002 Total Spend

  • $22.66 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 516% Return On Ad Spend



  • πŸš€ Introduction
    Introducing classic European-style rainwear to Australia with a vibrant twist. Crafted from premium materials and available in a palette of bold colours, this leading rainwear brand has experienced swift growth, positioning itself as a soon-to-be household name.

    πŸ” The Problem
    While their products were top-notch, their marketing approach had room for improvement:

    • Their advertising efforts were solely focused on search.

    • Lacked expertise in paid social and didn't have the bandwidth to learn.

    • Absence of an omni-channel marketing strategy.

    • The crucial winter months presented an opportunity they needed to seize.

    • The challenge of maintaining consistent branding and positioning across diverse platforms.

    πŸ›  The Solution
    With a keen analytical approach and a drive to innovate, we revamped their digital presence:

    • Rolled out best-practice account structures for streamlined ad management.

  • Collaborated with talented designers and content creators to debut the brand on social platforms.

  • Ensured cohesive messaging across all platforms for a unified brand voice.

  • Scaled social ad spend and performance to complement their search efforts.

  • Leveraged User-Generated Content (UGC) to boost authenticity and engagement.

πŸ“ˆ Results Over 7 Months

  • 2273 Total Ad Orders

  • $44,673 Total Spend

  • $19.65 Cost Per Acquisition

  • 389% Return On Ad Spend

🌟 Testimonial
β€œWe’re actually really happy with the results we’ve seen.”